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Hi and welcome to INSPIRE, the photo blog of Cassandra Dieterle Photography, a husband and wife photography team.  We currently hold offices in Atlanta, Georgia and in Honolulu, Hawaii, but LOVE to travel worldwide for both business and pleasure.  We have shot just about anything you could think of at some point in our photography career but most frequently we can be found snapping away for: weddings, families, kids and babies, and of course our stock photo trips. INSPIRE-photo blog- came about after a Tuesday afternoon conversation between David and I.  In turn we came to the conclusion IS short, how short we don't know so figure out what inspires you to grow and live each moment to the fullest! For us being inspired is what keeps us going in our photographic career, it's what encourages us to be a family, friend, find new angles, go new places, meet new people, and at the same time appreciate our past!  This blog serves as our own personal journal to all that inspires us, for us to share our thoughts through our images both professional and personal in  hopes that it will encourage you to find what inspires you.  So please enjoy, don’t rush through, explore the site and let us know what you think!  We love to get feedback and who knows your feedback may inspire someone else! If you are looking for something specific to INSPIRE you, use our search box, otherwise you can browse through the categories at the top until you find something that strikes your fancy.

If you are looking for our online portfolios, visit us at

Warmest Aloha,

Cassandra and David Dieterle Blog

Emma turns 1 – { KIDS – Marietta, GA}


Senior Photos – { GRAD – Marietta, GA}

Tangled -n- 3 Party – { EVENT design – Marietta, GA}

ilovecdp_gracie 3rd birthday035

ilovecdp_gracie 3rd birthday081
ilovecdp_gracie 3rd birthday078
ilovecdp_gracie 3rd birthday077
ilovecdp_gracie 3rd birthday076
ilovecdp_gracie 3rd birthday074
ilovecdp_gracie 3rd birthday071
ilovecdp_gracie 3rd birthday067
ilovecdp_gracie 3rd birthday068
ilovecdp_gracie 3rd birthday058
ilovecdp_gracie 3rd birthday050
ilovecdp_gracie 3rd birthday053
ilovecdp_gracie 3rd birthday054
ilovecdp_gracie 3rd birthday049
ilovecdp_gracie 3rd birthday048
ilovecdp_gracie 3rd birthday051
ilovecdp_gracie 3rd birthday046
ilovecdp_gracie 3rd birthday052
ilovecdp_gracie 3rd birthday032
ilovecdp_gracie 3rd birthday047
ilovecdp_gracie 3rd birthday045
ilovecdp_gracie 3rd birthday062
ilovecdp_gracie 3rd birthday021
ilovecdp_gracie 3rd birthday043
ilovecdp_gracie 3rd birthday065
ilovecdp_gracie 3rd birthday064
ilovecdp_gracie 3rd birthday066
ilovecdp_gracie 3rd birthday036

Baby Emma – { BABY – Marietta, GA }

ilovecdp_Emma 8month001e
ilovecdp_Emma 8month009ebw
ilovecdp_Emma 8month011e
ilovecdp_Emma 8month016e
ilovecdp_Emma 8month017ec
ilovecdp_Emma 8month025e
ilovecdp_Emma 8month034e
ilovecdp_Emma 8month052e

The Frog Prince – {KIDS – Atlanta, GA}

ilovecdp_Towa_1stBirthday  (18)e frog prince first birthday
ilovecdp_Towa_1stBirthday  (20) e
ilovecdp_Towa_1stBirthday  (13)e
ilovecdp_Towa_1stBirthday  (15) e
ilovecdp_Towa_1stBirthday  (5)e
ilovecdp_Towa_1stBirthday  (29)e
ilovecdp_Towa_1stBirthday  (42) e
ilovecdp_Towa_1stBirthday  (214)e
ilovecdp_Towa_1stBirthday  (146)e
ilovecdp_Towa_1stBirthday  (63)e
ilovecdp_Towa_1stBirthday  (199) e
ilovecdp_Towa_1stBirthday  (235)e
ilovecdp_Towa_1stBirthday  (240)e
ilovecdp_Towa_1stBirthday  (238)
ilovecdp_Towa_1stBirthday  (257)e
ilovecdp_Towa_1stBirthday  (276)e
ilovecdp_Towa_1stBirthday  (275)e

Fall Family Photos – { NEST-Marietta, GA}


Grace Catching Seagulls – {Personal- Panama City Beach, FL}

Cassandra Dietelre Photography_ Panama City Beach, FL_IMG_9104e
Cassandra Dietelre Photography_ Panama City Beach, FL_IMG_9176e
Cassandra Dietelre Photography_ Panama City Beach, FL_IMG_9170e
Cassandra Dietelre Photography_ Panama City Beach, FL_IMG_9135e
Cassandra Dietelre Photography_ Panama City Beach, FL_IMG_9117e
Cassandra Dietelre Photography_ Panama City Beach, FL_IMG_9110e
Cassandra Dietelre Photography_ Panama City Beach, FL_IMG_9080e

Gracelyn – { KIDS – Champion Kids, Marietta, GA }

My littlest girl is getting big, she is a fearless bundle of joy to have around.  Gracie just turned 3 last month and has been flipping and flopping like a big girl for quite some time now!  These photos were taken at Champion Kids, during Gracelyn’s last tumble fun gymnastic class for tots, which they open up to parents to come and watch and see what they have learned.  We had a blast watching the little ones bounce on the trampoline, flip on the bars, slide down the slide and show off their skills they had been working on…as you can see I was a very proud mommy!!! 


Lauderdales – { Nest – Marietta, GA }

A recent visit to Atlanta to unite two bffe (Dieterle’s and Lauderdale’s) allowed me to do photos of   Janice, Davis, Kylie and now baby Jordan once again!!! It was a  short sweet and fun session with a few silly photos that really capture their amazing family’s personality!  We had a blast while they were here, soooo going to miss them now that they are back in Hawaii.  Check out our facebook page for some fun trip pics we took while playing GA tourist!

ilovecdp_Lauderdale2011133eOur Hawaii Ohana- miss you all sooooooo much!
ilovecdp_Lauderdale2011017eyeah! he smiles

ilovecdp_Lauderdale2011051semy sweet angle Kylie

ilovecdp_Lauderdale2011088estop crying baby Jordan :)

Lily & Grace – { BABY – Marietta, GA }

It seems as if spring has sprung early this year.  The trees are budding and blooming and babies sessions are booming.  These sweet little twins were picture perfect! They were great sleepers and seemed to read my mind in their “posing” skills they showed off.   They seemed to do the same thing automatically, really made me curious if twins can read each others minds (so jealous if they can!)