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Monthly Archives: October 2009

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Pre Halloween Spookshots

Being that my birthday falls nearly on Halloween, I have grown up celebrating the day with a big birthday blowout/ Halloween Party.  This year we are having a black and white ghouls and glam party and along with our black and white food, drinks, decor, and favors, I wanted to decorate the walls with some wicked looking imagery.  So we took the girls out to the sticks, literally because the area had been burnt badly, and did some photos.  I tried to emulate the vintage look, ever notice how no one seemed to smile or show facial expression in old photos?  Maybe it’s just me! 
Doing this today with kids is HARD, especially yours because A: they aren’t going to listen to mom and dad and B: they’ve been trained to “SMILE”.  You would think they would be good at pouting and not smiling, but I guess at 20months old  and 5 yrs you can’t expect them to do anything you actually want them to.  Brooke however did better than I expected!  She has several different “faces” she likes to do when the camera comes out, she calls this here her “mad/angry or sassy” look and I’d have to agree on the mad/angry!  Grace on the other hand was more interested in all the burnt things (a hammer amongst other things) and this cool tree tunnel that she darted off to (and fell on the way back) hence the  leaves all over her.  
So after a whopping 10 mins the kids were DONE with photos, Grace had thrown herself on the the nice black burnt ground because Brooke wanted to hold her hand and have her stand beside her “like I’m doing” (oh yes in her pretty white top and skirt). And Brooke was upset that Grace was “ruining” the photos!  kids :) love em!!!!… well these were my favorites, some outtakes too. 

Brookes spooktacular look!

This is Gracie’s surprise look she does on command or when she’s actually surprise or excited about something!
The fall
Checking her bunny over, “you ok?”
Checking herself out, yep- all dirty!

Leah and Jason- {BUMP, Florida Maternity Photos}

 For Leah and Jason, it was only fit do something not so “boring” or “ordinary” for their maternity session.  Florida natives, and beach lovers they are… we took off to the sandy beaches of Florida for some photos.  A bit worried about the weather, it was raining and seemed kind of gloomy out, but sometimes that is the best for photos!  I swear I thought they were pros, they seemed so calm and relaxed not only with each other but with my presence and life in general.  Once we wrapped up at the beach and got eaten alive by some mysterious bug (still have no idea what it was, but it literally left bites on me for a few weeks!) We then headed over to their pool where we did some nice underwater shots, you know me always ready to get in the water :) these were some of my favorites.


Im not usually fond of the “heart hand” photo, but for some reason I really love this one!

My favorite shot!

I love this one, shows the fun side of pregnancy!

Ana and Kelaula- {LOVE-engagement}

Ana and Kelaula wanted to do something they loved- surf – for their get to know you/engagement photo session.  Kelaula makes custom boards when he is not fighting fires for Hawaii’s Fire Department, so they brought two of their favorites and we hit the water/beach!  I have to tell you that I am terrified of sharks, so we split this session- I shot from the safety of the beach (I know I’m a chicken-it’s was their dinner time though!) and Dave manned up and got in the water with Ana, Kelaula and his camera.
The last image is a canvas print we did for them for thier reception/house!  We printed it as a 20×30 canvas gallery wrap, it looks great!

Meet Addison- {BABY}

We photographed Kacey and Brett’s wedding several years ago and were thrilled when they called and told us that they were having a baby  girl soon and returning to Hawaii for a visit and would like us to photograph their new bundle of joy!  Baby Addison is about 3 months, she is such a sweet little baby, very laid back (that must be the Hawaiian roots in her), and so tiny.  You easily forget how little they are at that age. Congratulations Kacey and Brett, she is precious.

Jessica and Coleman – {LOVE, Atlanta GA}

Jessica and Coleman’s wedding day, a few of my favorite photos from the day to share.  The wedding was held at the famous Biltmore Hotel in Atlanta Georgia which originally was built in 1924 and closed in 1982.  I remember not too long ago when a close friend of mine from Georgia Tech would pride himself on owning one of the letters from the original sign (before it was restored in 1999- wow that really ages me) I wonder what he ever did with it?- ok so anyway, the place was one that I had always wanted to go inside and see (but since we moved to Hawaii before it was restored I never got to see it – until their wedding).  The rooms, the Georgian and the Imperial are beautiful, perfect for a reception! 

Annie and Erik- {LOVE}

Annie and Erik, had a combination of a Traditional Chinese Tea Ceremony, an American Ceremony as well as what seems to be a new tradition among our Chinese Brides “Gate Crashing” ceremony which is quite amusing to the ones not being crashed upon.  I have to elaborate on this Gate Crashing thing a little more as for those of you who have never witnessed it may be a bit confused by the photos.  The ceremony begins with the groom and groomsmen arriving at the brides home or where she is staying but before they are allowed to see her they are made to do some very interesting tasks including eating weird concoctions, dancing in silly outfits, acting out different skits, singing, and I’ve even seen what I call “a torture spin around your finger with your head on the ground thing”  (yes it is very hard to imagine and I would hate to actually try it!), and of course the whole thing ends with the traditional giving of the ang pao (red packet with money, a customary gift).
Once the gate was crashed so to speak Annie and Erik had their American ceremony and intimate reception at the Ami house in Hawaii Kai. 

I love her little red shoes

This was only a small fraction of what they had to do!

The Ang Pao Exchange

I love this photo of her right before she walks down the aisle

two birds flying in the sky right when he said “you may kiss the bride!”

She’s so cute here with her bashful expression.

What a little ham :) I love it!

 A good night kiss as they depart for the evening.

Brynn and Nick – {LOVE, Honolulu Hawaii Wedding}

Brynn and Nick’s initial consultation was a bit unusual for me. You see instead of meeting with the couple, I met with the brides father to discuss bride and grooms requests for photography. I thought this would be very awkward, but we had such a great conversation over great pineapple tea at the wedding cafe and after an hour or so of chatting he agreed with Brynns and Nick’s thoughts that we would be a perfect match not only for style of photography, but for personality.
Brynn and Nick were a very simple and low key couple on their big day,  good photography was important to them, however they didn’t want to spend their entire day taking pictures away from their guests who were traveling so far to be with them.  They wanted my focus of photos on the overall event, the details, their guests, and highlights of them throughout the evening. I guess they knew what a fun crew they would have there!  One of the younger guests went around to each table and had them act out a skit (that he made up on the spot), suprisingly everyone went along with it!  It was an absolute hoot!  I laughed so hard my stomach hurt!!!  Wish I could share all of them, but I had to narrow down to a select few. 


Jessica and Coleman – {LOVE, Atlanta Georgia}

You can’t tell from the photos, but Jessica and Coleman were surprisingly on the shy side during their engagement photo session, which is exactly why we do them.  To get to know the couple and get them comfortable with us and our cameras being there.  We were limited on time and space for photos due to necessary wedding preparations that still needed to take place, but I feel and I think they agree that we got some really great shots and made some memories that they will never forget (getting wet in the Olympic Park in Atlanta GA!)  Thanks for trusting us and having fun!

Laurie and Stacy – {LOVE}

Laurie and Stacy share interest in travel and food among other things so you can imagine the great food spread they had and of course a destination wedding was a must!  Their wedding was a true reflection of their personalities all the way down to their “cake” which was not a cake at all but rather a sorbet buffet of miniature sorbet cones.  The couple fell in love with this yummy treat on one of their travels abroad and decided to forgo the traditional cake in lieu of a cool refreshing treat.  Their favors, Soy Vay Veri Veri  Teriyaki sauce,  also reflected them and ironically you would think the label of the bottle was about them… it reads…”came to be when a Jewish boy and a Chinese girl began talking about common interest…” which by the way is a delicious sauce (thanks Laurie and Stacy for the gifts!) I just loved all the thought and personality that was put into the wedding!  So, “veri veri” cool.