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Monthly Archives: January 2009

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Calling all Professional Photographers

Operation Love Reunited is a free service to military families who have a deployed loved one. I became part of the program last year and have enjoyed seeing families share photos of their growing keiki and reunite.  I get tons of requests for these sessions but I can only take a few each month.  If you know of any professional photographers who would like to take part in this amazing program and want to give back to those who give so much to us, please have them call or email me so I can give them more information about applying.

Below are two different sessions, one was shot on location the other in our studio.  The program requires that families must show their patriotism in the photo.


Apple a day is what they say!

Going over some older photos that I just never got around to posting… a cute series of the girls eating an apple (well Grace was not really eating it but Brooke let her think so!)
What is it?

  Eeew  the slobber!

Dakota aka Bella

Little Bella, wow, it seems like just yesterday I was taking photos of your first breath and here you are ears pierced and crawling around now!  Man how they grow so fast!  I can’t stress enough to parents to take TONS of photos of your little ones, before you know it there not little anymore. Even I feel like I don’t have enough photos of the girls!
I love the middle shot of her amazement with the bobble doll!

And the Winner is….

photo courtesy of Coleman Watson

Jessica and Coleman, Aug 16 2009!

Jessica and Coleman were one of over 240 entries we received for our Destination Wedding Coverage Giveaway, the decision was tough!  We wish that everyone could win, but with that many entries it’s impossible for Dave and I to cover all of them!

A little about the couple: 

Jessica and Coleman met in 2006 during their first year of law school in Boston, MA.  At the end of their first year, Coleman decided to transfer to NY Law School and Jessica stayed behind in Boston.  Their final two years of law school have been filled with many trips between Boston and New York-a long distance relationship and law school either of them tough enough!  One of the stories that caught me as “this couple was meant to be” was this one… “My fiance Jessica and I are completely on the same wavelength with surprises. This past year on Valentine’s Day we both had class until late, so we decided to celebrate Valentine’s Day the following weekend. Little did Jessica know, but I skipped my classes that Thursday to come to Boston to surprise her. As I was walking up the steps to her apartment with roses in my hand, I passed her neighbor, Brian, coming out of his apartment. He quickly asked what I was doing there. Shocked, I said that I was going to surprise her for Valentine’s Day. Brian told me that Jessica had been up all night making me homemade chocolates and was currently on her way to New York to surprise me because she had also skipped her classes!  I called Jessica and we both laughed about the irony of the event. I immediately went back to New York to see her. When I arrived back at my apartment (around 2am), Jessica had a beautiful candle-lit Valentine’s Dinner prepared for me. We both laughed about how crazy the day had been.

That story is good, but their engagement story tops event that! 

 ”Since the early summer of 2008, I knew that I wanted to propose to Jessica. I had gone shopping for engagement rings several times but just never quite found exactly what I wanted. This past October, my mom came to visit in New York for a few days. Since I needed a female opinion, I asked my mom to go with me to see a few selections I had made. I ended up finding the perfect ring that same day and bought it for Jessica. However, I didn’t take it home because it needed to be re-sized to a 5. I intended to pick it up the next weekend and propose to her then (this was a Thursday). Jessica surprised me that next day, Friday, and came to New York (I was scheduled to go to Boston). The semester at school had gotten a bit stressful so she suggested we go to dinner the following night and enjoy some quality time together. Well, that Saturday night, she suggested we go to Stone Rose overlooking Central Park in Columbus Circle for a drink. MUCH to my surprise, while we looked out at the sunset that early evening, Jessica proposed to me AND gave me an engagement ring! I was shocked…not because she had asked me but because of the timing of it all. She had no idea I had found and bought her an engagement ring just days before. Needless to say, I called my jeweler and rushed the order for her ring. The next day, Sunday, I took Jessica to Central Park. We took an extended carriage ride through the park and I formally proposed to her and gave her her engagement ring.”

I found it cute that he says “Through both of these experiences I have learned that there will be no surprising my future wife. I must accept that if I’m having a surprise idea for her, odds are that she has the idea too!”


So Dave and I are SOOOOO excited to see what surprises are in store for us at their wedding!  We can’t wait to share with you all their story and of course the photos!

Congratulations Coleman and Jessica, we can’t wait for your big day!



Grace 11 months old!

Little Grace, it’s hard to believe that it’s been almost a year, only one month left :(   I wish she could stay little forever.  I look at Brooke and think to myself, gosh where did that little baby go?  Grace is walking, she started at about 10 and half months, I got some great video that I would love to share, but I still have not figured out how to get the video off the new video camera, Davis, James, anyone care to help? 

Natalie and Jordan

Natalie and Jordan were one of those couples that everyone has something wonderful to say about, ya know the ones that EVERYONE wants to talk about.  Good looking, friendly, funny, smart, and most of all perfectly in love!  Their wedding was held at the Mauna Lani Resort in Big Island and as all the weddings we do there it too was wonderful.  One of my favorite things about this wedding was how they used his heritage in the wedding.  They gave out embroidered handkerchiefs and they had the two cute little dolls known as Bulgarian Wooden Muskals, that I HAD to do photos with.  After doing some research on the little dolls I found out that they had perfume inside (which makes sense now why they gave out little bottles of perfume and oils!).  Anyway I hope you all enjoy the photos as much as we did taking them.


Two Lanai Weddings

While normally we would not shoot two weddings in one day, this was a special request!  Two sisters, two weddings, one day, one island!  This was one of the more unique weddings we did in that there were two ceremonies back to back and the brides were sisters!  Each of them maid of honor to the other.  The weddings were held on Hulopoe Beach on Lanai, but because they were both guests of The Lodge at Koele and Manaele Bay and having their reception dinner there, they were given access to do photos on the grounds.  I have separated the weddings so that you can see my favorite bride and groom shots of each couple.  It’s neat to me that even though both were sisters, same day, same locations, the couples to me were so different personality wise that I the shots came out so different.  As always we try to let the couples personalities lead the way and I think this was the perfect example of that. 


For quite some time I have always been fascinated with mushrooms and fungus, I think it’s amazing how they can come in all shapes, sizes, and colors.  I know it’s weird- I think that’s why I like it!  Anyway we did a hike week or so ago, here are some of my favorite shots from the day!

Baby Grace in the snuggli baby carrier ready to hike!

Take note at Gracie’s fashionable socks!  I could not find the socks I packed for her, but luckily I happened to find two other miss matched socks in the bag! I still don’t know what happened to the socks I brought for her! 

I love the rainbow color mushrooms, it’s amazing to me that they can be so colorful!

check out the one on the far right, these things were no bigger than my fingernail!  Brooklyn and the crew were my scouts helping to find them all!

The grayish blue one on the right kind of looks like some sort of sea slug, don’t you think?

I’m not sure if the yellow one on the far right is fungi or plant, but it looked cool anyway!

Brookes New and VERY muddy shoes!

Snakes in Hawaii?

Ok so I have posted this a while ago, but for some reason I feel the need to do it again!  Everyone always talks about there not being any snakes in Hawaii right?  WRONG!  There IS in face a snake in Hawaii and I never would have believed it if I didn’t see it.  It’s called the Brahminy Blind Snake (Ramphotyhlops braminus). At first glance this little snake looks just like a worm (only darker), which being on the beach I only thought it appropiate to be dark in color. I thought it was cooking in the sand but low and behold when I went to rescue it, it moved just like a little snake!  Another note of coolness (sorry guys) is that they are all female!  Yep, the lay fertilized eggs without the males to reproduce.  Anyway for more interesting tidbits on Hawaii’s reptlillian life visit!

Oh…here is a photo of the little gal :)

Grace the TP Monster!

Well it’s official babies like Toilet Paper too!  Gracie found the tp yesterday and as you can see really enjoyed the discovery.  To my suprise (I thought she was being a good girl playing quietly beside me while I worked), I looked over and saw this!

 Behold the toilet paper monster- he he…