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Monthly Archives: September 2008

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Maui the Day after

It was the day after the wedding and we had some time to spare before we had to get back on the plane so we decided to do the “short tour” of Maui. But first the girls had to play in the pool…
This is Brooke “swimming under water!”

then we did the little walk around the hotel and found some beautiful waterlillies…   

I don’t know the official name of this Totem Pole on Maui, but if anyone would like to share it’s origins or history I would love to know!

Then we made a quick pass through Lahaina

Lahina Lighthouse, the oldest lighthouse in Hawaii.

This was a 288 lb swordfish caught of Maui coast, shown in Lahina Harbor, I was very excited to see this, but I wish I was there to catch it (I know the fish is almost 3 times my size but I still want to try someday!)
She looks like cousin it!
Brooke building her rock stack. We made a quick stop at
Nakalele Point and Lookout, I still don’t understand what the little stacks of rocks are for.

but they make great photos!

nice little lookout on the drive near Nakalele Point, past Kahakuloa Village on Hwy 340. We could have stopped a million times for photo ops, but with the kiddos in tow we were making it a quick tour!

Sara and Brad Highlights

Highlights from Sara and Brad’s wedding

Sara and Brad

Sara and Brad were a great couple, and I think possible the smartest couple we have ever photographed- both top of their class! The wedding was held at the Fairmont Kea Lani on Maui, a beautiful location that we don’t get to often enough! Sara and Brads highlights will be posted soon!

Love the horse shot! even if they were just playing around!

I love her smile here…one of my favorite cake kisses! And the flames in the back look like birds!

Water Play

So we got this new underwater housing for one of our older cameras the 20D and thought we would test it out in our friends pool! It was so much fun. Its a bag type case (not a hard case) so it’s kind of hard to manuver the buttons and adjustments, however we managed!
So Brooke has been taking swim classes now and is doing quite well as you will see (we figured it was time since she told us “I can breath under the water just like Nemo” which of course she inhaled a mouthfull of water!) Thankfully she no longer thinks she can breathe under the water!
This was also the first time Grace went under the water! She LOVES the water! Maybe she needs swim lessons too! 

She almost looks like she is flying!

I love her little smile/smerck she has on her face…

hold your breath baby!!!

Melissa and Aaron

Jessica and Nate

Baby Grace 5.5 months

More Pics of Gracie…

She’s almost got it! only it’s backwords (the binky!)

I love the dumb founded expression on her face! Hugh?

Grace, Learning to Crawl

We decided that since Grace almost 6 months and was showing the begining signs of crawling that we would give her a little encouragement in doing so… SO I got Brooke’s windup dinosaur (and a few others but the pink dino was her favorite) and wound it up to see what would happen when Grace caught a glimpse of the little moving creature!

First utter amazement! “What is that thing?” was the look we got.

I laughed so hard at the expression on herface!!!

Then the chase was on! These were taken a few weeks ago she would wiggle and wave her little hand out until she either knocked him over so she could get closer or knocked him across the room and cried (now she is much more mobile and we have to put the little dino far away she can get him within seconds!).