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Monthly Archives: May 2008

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I love this commercial!!! Had to share the Boomdiada Commercial-can see it on Discover in between great shows like Dirty Jobs, Deadliest Catch and many more!!! It rocks!

May day and Cow Cow’s

So as most of you know may 1st was May Day… So Brooklyn comes home from school and tells me that because it’s May day she is supposed to wear a flower dress or a “cow cow” what she meant to say was muu muu, but it was so cute how she insisted to wear a cow cow!
This photo below is from last years May Day!
She’s been practicing really hard for this years show… pictures to come at the end of the month.

Congratulations to Crystal and Ben!!!

First of all thank you to Crystal and Ben for choosing us to shoot your specail day and also thank you for allowing us to share your LOVE Story with the world! And last but not least congratulations for being chosen to grace the pages of Pacific Weddings Magazine. Pacific Weddings Magazine (formerly Pacific Rim) is one of the most well put together detination wedding magazines on the market.  It’s always so exciting when you get your hot off the press issue and flip through to see the weddings and details unfold and even more so when it’s one you have been a part of… So once again I hope you two cherish this honor for years to come and save that issue to show your keiki (children) one day! Just tell them you are famous-wink wink!!
See the story online

For the full story get your copy in stores or online at

Operation Love Reunited


David and I have been doing military appreciation days for about 5 years now; once a year with several families and we love being able to give back to those who sacrifice so much for all of us and our freedoms! So when we were invited to become a part of Operation Love Reunited we jumped at the opportunity! OpLove is a non profit organization that is made up of photographers around the country who give their time to our service members and their families who are deployed, being deployed or returning from deployment. Each service member is given up to a total of 2 sessions (one before, one when they return for example).

the “Y” family below you will notice is without daddy right now, lets all pray that he comes home safe…soon! Until then his little princess and boxer to be will have these photos (and more) sent to their daddy overseas so he can share these moments.

this is my favorite shot from the day…I love her princess slippers with daddy’s boots

He looks like he’s boxing, but he’s actually learning to clap…he just hasn’t figured out how to open his hand yet! 


little girls just LOVE lipstick!

Something to smile about~

As I prepare to begin shooting regularly again, I want to help brides rethink things a little. As always before the big day and on the big day I am open with my clients and do my best to help make their day run smoothly what ever it may be. From helping them figure out how to lace up the dress (after the 5th try by the bridesmaids and plenty of photos) to picking them up after they fall (dresses and shoes don’t always make walking in the sand and rocks easy!). So I thought what better way than to give a tip every month for my brides to be… The first one is my outlook on weddings…and how I approach them and hope that my clients do too…it will make the day a little less stressful!
“Let it go and it will show!!! What does that mean? They say it’s the biggest day of your life, that’s enough to stress you out alone, not to mention the planning and money that goes into it all…You want everything to be perfect and when one little thing isn’t (that one hair won’t go where it’s supposed to) many brides will stress over it; however if you let it go it will show! Be yourself and have fun, don’t let the stresses of the day get to you, keep in mind that you have the best thing waiting for you at the end of the aisle and he or she loves you for you (hair out of place and all) and that LOVE is what you want to capture in your images- So Let it go and it will show-LOVE!”
Some of the best images happen when real emotions come out! If you are so caught up in everything being “perfect” you often loose those real moments because you are trying to stage everything.
Here are some real moments that had the bride/groom guest been worried about things not going perfect they would have lost the moment therefore the photo and the great memory that came along with it all!

The first one is a great example of turning something awful into something wonderful!
The power had gone out and along with it all the lights and music, but low and behold a GREAT groomsmen jumped up on the dance floor with his chair and began singing-a second or two later everyone joined in and it became a moment that I am sure the bride and groom and everyone there will never forget!!! The Power ironically came on right as he was ending his song and the rest of the night was full of electricity! And as angry as most bride would have been, the bride and groom were happy because the let it go!

This photo is the perfect example of Carpe Diam…rarely will you find an empty beach with crystal waters on a weekend in Hawaii but we did and with the power of suggestion our couple “R and C” who are total water babies jumped in and made this awesome shot possible! All because they were willing to let it go!

This is the perfect example of letting your guard down for the one you love!
I love this shot of the bride sneaking a little kiss! Many couples are not comfortable with “PDA” but this is your wedding day! That is what it’s all about, showing others your LOVE for each other- so please you are surrounded by friends and family and those closest to you-which I wouldn’t consider the “public” don’t be afraid to show your affection- let it go!

So to all you brides and grooms to be- have fun, be romantic and don’t be afraid to let your guard down a little on your wedding day! And when things aren’t going exactly how you planned (which hopefully they do! but just in case) remember let it go and LOVE will show!

Happy Wedding Days!!!