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Monthly Archives: August 2007

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Cheryl and DJ

So grown up!

Ok so a few days ago after Brooke’s bath I got her out of the tub as usual and went to get her school clothes while she was to brush her teeth. When I walked back in the room I saw her putting my deoterant on as big as ever! So I quickly ran out to the office, grabbed a lense, card and camera and ran back in before she stopped or noticed me…I couldn’t resist…it was just too cute! The things little ones do to try to be just like us…

The Girls…Reshoot…

We did photos of these 3 families a few months ago and got rained out in the middle of it and had to reschedule…we had SO much fun…if these 3 little ones don’t make you want to be a kid again…nothing will!

Laura and Brooks

His shoes fell apart!

Sorry Brooks…this is too funny!

Rather than “kiss” to the ringing of the glasses….they enjoyed their beer!

Erin and Josh

Rose and Craig

Melissa and Tony

Melissa and Tony’s wedding had the feeling of home…I loved it! But my favorite part about the whole thing was the speech the father gave…I know I won’t do it justice but I will try because it’s a great story and soooo true. He began by talking about how him and his wife did not have lots of money when they were starting a family…and went on to say how even though they didn’t his wife tried to make the best of everything…his example was one that was both funny and a great example for anyone…She had been preparing a special dinner for the two of them all day…it was to be an intimate dinner by candle light and they were going to use fine china they had received from their wedding. Only problem was they had no table to eat on…so the wife decided to get creative and use an ironing board with a pretty table cloth on it. Everything was all set and they went to sit down and eat when somehow the ironing board gave way and the food went flying! The point of the story is of all the meals she has ever made that was the most disastrous, they had the least amount of possessions, and yet it was the most memorable and best meal they ever had. Life does not have to be perfect to be great and money does not always make things better…this is so true!!!! Of all our memories together (besides the ones with Brooklyn) most of them involve something funny that did not go to plan! Ironically at the end of the night their getaway car broke down…they left in a cute little jeep…hopefully a memory they won’t forget!

Erin and Josh

David and I have known Josh for over 10 years now, so we were honored when he called us and asked us to photograph his wedding…then for David to be one of the groomsmen ( I thought this should be interesting…photographing a wedding you are in….) AND for Brooklyn to be their flower girl! So as with all our couples we took them out for a few engagement or get to know you shots to see how they were in front of the camera…lets just say they liked the kissing part- ALOT! They did great and we all had fun doing it…well except Scarlet (the dog) she was not too fond of the water!

Christine and Rama

Cheree and Keoni

What a beautiful couple and totally in love! I can’t wait to photograph their babies :) One of my favorite things about this wedding was the bubble wrap poppers- it sounded just like fireworks when the lions came in- it was awesome…I think it would be a great idea for children friendly fireworks on fourth of July…no fire but lot’s of noise!!! Thanks for a wonderful time!