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Monthly Archives: April 2007

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Easter Part II

Every year we (the mom friends with no or little family here) get together for Easter and do a little egg hunt and dinner at our house. This year’s Easter was small but loaded with fun! Brooklyn was old enough to know what to do and be excited about doing it- and at points jealous that others were doing it too–and a little upset with Mr. Easter bunny for putting mommy and daddy candy in HER eggs!

The contemplation…

The Hunt… 


The comparison- odds are stacked against the boys with little baskets!

Didn’t your mom teach you not to count your eggs before they hatch…I felt so bad here I had this ecstatic child overwhelmed with a basket of eggs full of candy and some cookies that were sugar free of course- (if you know my kid you know why I say that!) yet I had to sit with her and take away the candy- Kinda like Halloween they got bagfuls and couldn’t have any. I often think that we ate candy and it didn’t kill us, but none the less they say it can hurt them so she can’t have it- I know mean old mom!

Trying to sneak a little candy…caught in the act!

End of the day…Ok lets take a group photo- what a great idea! If any of you parents (I say specifically parents because for some reason they will do it for non parents) have ever tried group photos on this age group you have probably seen this face too! My daughter and apparently her friend did not want to take a picture- this is the reaction we got per the request….

Easter Morning

Brooklyn was so excited about the Easter bunny coming that she could hardly sleep…she woke up bright and early (unusual for her) and said “mommy I think I hear the Easter Bunny down stairs…” in this undercover whisper voice as if she didn’t want him to hear her. Then she proceeded to David… “Daddy, wake up, let’s go see the Easter Bunny” Of course when we got down stairs she could not find the basket, so the search was on…then finally she saw it!

She see’s it! The inspection!

Counting all her chocolate eggs…

The lick of a jelly bean

The reaction!

Bloggers Choice Awards

We’ve been nominated for the blogger’s choice awards…not sure what to say but thank you to “chinspin” for nominating us and to everyone else who has voted thus far. I hope we can catch up with all the other great blogs out there! If you would like to add your vote here!

The Silverman

WE were invited by some friends to go to dinner and hang out at their hotel room. The big attraction (for the kids) was the silverman street vendor. They all liked him until he moved!

Brooke before dinner being silly as usual! I try my hardest to dress her like a little princess, but you can’t take the kid out of the kid no matter what they look like!!

Love the balloon hat!!!

Brooklyn without her glasses

Some pics of Brooke playing without her glasses…a rare site now a days- she LOVES her glasses and for good reason…she can’t see without them! Sometimes though she likes to take them off for a while, so I quickly grabbed the camera and took a few shots of her playing!

Being a princess! 

Our little artist! At least she is coloring on boards now…used to be the walls, sofas etc…of course now that I said this I am sure I will find marker on one of my walls! 

Can you see the blue chair she drew…it’s an exact replica of the purple and gold chair beside :)  

It’s never to early to start feeding the piggy bank! 

David and Brooke eating icecream and laughing!

Colorful Eggs!

There are so many kinds of Easter egg dyes now… it’s hard to make a decision on which one to get…glittery, marble, little pouchey things, indiviual color coded cups, q-tip things…I bet they have eggs that dye themselves soon… you get the point- we got the “original” egg dye (at least that’s what it said on the box) and opted for the “bright” colors (using 3 table spoons of vinager only I think we used more like a cup because our containers were too big and the eggs were not even a quarter of the way covered- could explain the very vivid blue we got on one of the eggs-I have never seen an easter egg that bright).

Dave let Brooklyn mix two of the extra color tabs together and this was the color they made!

Her reaction to realizing there were no more eggs to color (this was before she realized she could keep putting the eggs in different colors)

I think this one should win the ugliest/prettiest egg contest! It’s Brooklyn’s favorite- go figure :) and believe it or not it was the bright blue egg in the first few pictures- she kept recoloring the eggs b/c we ran out too fast.

The Fair

A gloomy day outside- lots of rain, but we promised Brooke we would go to the fair so we went and had a great time! So we get there and first thing out of Brooke’s mouth was “I want to go on the pink one” we kind of ignored it as we walked around looking at all the rides, but she kept asking so we got our scripts (those are tickets aka money in fair terms) and stood in line at the so called kiddy pink bouncy ride! WE get on and she was so excited…going up was fine- coming down well I can’t describe it- but see for yourself…

She never actually cried, she was just really red and made these grunting sounds- not really screams…

Every time we went up she was fine (I think in the whew- it’s over stage) but then of course what goes up must come down- needless to say she did not want to go on the pink bouncy thing again!

Me on the swings- yes without my shoes- I didn’t want them to fly off! It’s been so long I forgot how dizzy you get!

David and Randy on the flipy ride- I don’t know the real name :)

MMMM…Cotton Candy!

Sour Lemonade- I think they forgot to put the sugar in!

All Pau!

Brooke decided the forsee’s (that’s what Brooke calls horses) was more her speed!

She went down the slide 2 times once with mommy and once with daddy- but I’m not convinced she really liked it!!! This was her pretend scared face!Anyway- we had a great time Brooke got to experience rides and now I don’t think she will ever go on one again, however after going on the pink bouncy ride she suddenly thought watching other people scream on rides was hilarious, she ate tons of cotton candy and rode a sugar high for the following 3 hours- fun for mommy and daddy!


Walters’ Wet Kiss

We knew we were going to get along with Kim and Steve right off the bat… they met at Starbucks (for any of you who know us you are probably laughing!) No we didn’t’ meet there but it is like our second home! Anyway Kim and Steve were fun… ready to try anything and surprisingly sentimental… they incorporated among many other things their dog into their day! Since Walter (their dog) could not fly to Hawaii from Canada to be with them, they dedicated a must have shot (ingredients suggested by none other than yours truly- I’ll give the recipe at the bottom) to their dog and called it appropriately “Walters Wet Kiss”- Thanks for the fun time!!!!
Watch their slideshow

Doris at work :)

besides the obvious (3 girls fixin’ each other… ha ha!) look at the little girl in the bottom right “studying” it reminded me of when I was a little girl watching and studying my older stepsister putting her makeup on!! I would watch contently for hours!

There were two of the cutest little girls here… this one was falling asleep while getting her hair done…

I have shot at this location numerous times, but never has the lights and reflection been so perfect thanks to the staff at Honolulu Wedding Consultants!

Ode to Walter thier dog…Hence the shot called “Walters’ Wet Kiss!”
Walters Wet Kiss:
1/4 shot Malibu Rum
1/4 shot Midori
1/8 shot Amaretto (optional)
1/8 shot Vodka or Clear Rum
Splash Pineapple Juice to top of shot glass

The Music

Ok- we LOVE great music (who doesn’t)-so we like to incorporate it where ever we can (including our website)…obviously lot’s of you like it as much as we do…so this is for the hundreds of email we get inquiring about the awesome music on our website and of course we have to give credit where credit is due!!! So here is all the info you need to purchase the music – that way you don’t have to “leave our website running in the back ground all day just to hear the music”

song 2 on the site

song 3 on the site

So with that being said- if you have any great music you would love to share, please feel free to email us the name of the artist and title of the song and of course if you have a link where we can purchase the music that would be very helpful too! We like all kinds of music: fast, slow, romantic, punk, country, rap you name it!