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Category Archives: FACE

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A Pink Apple a Day – { KIDS – Marietta, GA }

Senior Photos – { GRAD – Marietta, GA}

A Winter Vintage Day – {NEST – Roswell, GA}

I’ve been waiting to post these great photos of Amanda and her girls.  They were some of my favorites from the Christmas season of photos 2010.  Amanda is one of the most stylish girls I know (always dressed to the T and looking her best!) so when she asked me to do a vintage style session with her and her adorable girls for Christmas I knew they would be great!  ilovecdpIMG_5639e
ilovecdp_IMG_5388ev (2)




Pre Halloween Spookshots

Being that my birthday falls nearly on Halloween, I have grown up celebrating the day with a big birthday blowout/ Halloween Party.  This year we are having a black and white ghouls and glam party and along with our black and white food, drinks, decor, and favors, I wanted to decorate the walls with some wicked looking imagery.  So we took the girls out to the sticks, literally because the area had been burnt badly, and did some photos.  I tried to emulate the vintage look, ever notice how no one seemed to smile or show facial expression in old photos?  Maybe it’s just me! 
Doing this today with kids is HARD, especially yours because A: they aren’t going to listen to mom and dad and B: they’ve been trained to “SMILE”.  You would think they would be good at pouting and not smiling, but I guess at 20months old  and 5 yrs you can’t expect them to do anything you actually want them to.  Brooke however did better than I expected!  She has several different “faces” she likes to do when the camera comes out, she calls this here her “mad/angry or sassy” look and I’d have to agree on the mad/angry!  Grace on the other hand was more interested in all the burnt things (a hammer amongst other things) and this cool tree tunnel that she darted off to (and fell on the way back) hence the  leaves all over her.  
So after a whopping 10 mins the kids were DONE with photos, Grace had thrown herself on the the nice black burnt ground because Brooke wanted to hold her hand and have her stand beside her “like I’m doing” (oh yes in her pretty white top and skirt). And Brooke was upset that Grace was “ruining” the photos!  kids :) love em!!!!… well these were my favorites, some outtakes too. 

Brookes spooktacular look!

This is Gracie’s surprise look she does on command or when she’s actually surprise or excited about something!
The fall
Checking her bunny over, “you ok?”
Checking herself out, yep- all dirty!

Boudiar {portraits – FACE}

A few months back I was visiting The Wedding Cafe to meet one of my wedding clients and ran into Christine Gardner who was doing a great hair and makeup style on a bride.  We started talking and thought it would be fun to do a collaboration for some fun photos.   The vintage style pin up girl photos have always inspired me, fun, sexy and in today’s terms classy.  Great hair and makeup artist, Christine Gardner + great friend and rocking bod Kat + some costume tweaking + a few hours of shooting fun and voila we have our own Vintage Style Pin Up Girl photos!  We had so much fun, by the time we looked at the clock it was midnight! 

After doing this shoot I said to myself, man I wish I would have done this or something similar (sexy, fun)before kids, and with the magic of make up and cameras, I think Im going to do it anyways. Every girl should do this, really!



Kylie {Portraits – KIDS}

How cute is she?



Sunny Skies over Hawaii?

Finally there is sun,  I feel like it’s been rainy and cold for months now, but it’s actually only been about a week.  So since the sun has finally returned I thought I would post some photos of the girls taken last month.  Gracie loves licking the salt water off the rocks-I know it’s gross, but see her face when I took it away!  Pray for sunny skies to stick around.


she’s so sassy with those glasses!

Check out the poor little goby she caught.

Enjoying the salty rocks

Mad because I took it out of her mouth.

If I didn’t know any better I’d say she’s eyeing up those rocks.

Dakota aka Bella

Little Bella, wow, it seems like just yesterday I was taking photos of your first breath and here you are ears pierced and crawling around now!  Man how they grow so fast!  I can’t stress enough to parents to take TONS of photos of your little ones, before you know it there not little anymore. Even I feel like I don’t have enough photos of the girls!
I love the middle shot of her amazement with the bobble doll!

The B girls and family

The P Family Reunited!!!

Daddy’s home!!! Something you may hear on a daily basis, but for this family and many many more, it’s not heard often and we were lucky enough to capture that moment for one special family! Happy Days to come for sure!