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Category Archives: BUMP

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Sachiyo and Ryan – {BUMP – Marietta, GA}

Sachiyo and Ryan were clients of ours in 2009, they had a intimate destination wedding in Hawaii. Ironically they are from Atlanta so of course when we arrived I called to let them know we were here and we would love to see them again!  With a baby on the way we met in the park for some maternity photos, it was sooooo cold outside ( a big change from Hawaii!!!!), but I really love the bundled up look of the photos and she picked the perfect dress for a winter maternity session.




Alyssa Jo – {BABY- Cartersville, GA}

Sweet baby Alyssa Jo, she was so tiny and such a good baby, I could have photographed her sweet sleep all day.   I love the little smiles she gave and her dream expressions- I’m convinced we dream at this age…just not sure of what!  The purple  baby cocoon, was one that I made (a little side project I’ve been working on, as well as hand made hair flowers), I hope to offer these to clients soon, SO if you are interested in them please let me know.  I was surprised at how well she liked the cocoon!  I almost felt bad taking her out of it because she was sleeping so well and seemed so cuddled in it. 
Congratulations to mom and dad, she is a beauty! 
Cassandra Dieterle Photography_BABY_IMG_3528se
Cassandra Dieterle Photography_BABY_IMG_3508se
Cassandra Dieterle Photography_BABY_IMG_3488ep

Cassandra Dieterle Photography_BABY_IMG_3494e
Cassandra Dieterle Photography_BABY_IMG_3530e
Cassandra Dieterle Photography_BABY_IMG_3561e

Cassandra Dieterle Photography_BABY_IMG_3577e
Cassandra Dieterle Photography_BABY_IMG_3570e
Cassandra Dieterle Photography_BABY_IMG_3548ce
Cassandra Dieterle Photography_BABY_IMG_3555bw
Cassandra Dieterle Photography_BABY_IMG_3539bwe

Ashley- {BUMP – Maternity Photos Marietta, Georgia}

It seems like everyone I meet as of late is pregnant, or has just had a little on. I’m assuming there must be something in the water and therefore it’s soda (Coke or Pepsi -yes a southern girl that drinks Pepsi!), sweet tea, coffee or juice  for me only :) until someone figures out whats going on!  But the good part of that is there has been lots of beautiful belly shots and new babies to photograph and that part I love! 
This session in particular was a great one I wanted to feature on the blog.  It was a new location for us, which is always great for us creativly but it was also symbolic to our client Ashley because it was shot in the creek in her back yard and the home where she grew up.  She recalled countless memories of the creek when her and her brothers used to play.  Not only that but the attire she wore was also special.  The red dress was her aunties from the 70′s, and the green army color shirt was her dad’s favorite shirt.  SO it was a great trip down memory lane for her and I absoulty love the shots we got from the session too!


Cami Maternity {BUMP – Honolulu, Hawaii}

The world seems to get smaller and smaller the older I get, and even more so with social networking sites like facebook and twitter around.  David and I were checking our facebook accounts one afternoon when he says “No way, one of my friends I went to school with at Walton with and cheered at Pro Cheer is here in Hawaii, and pregnant.”  “visiting or living?” I said.  “She and her husband are stationed here.” he said… and of course you know where the conversation led.  6,000 miles away from what we all call home we met up in the jungle to take photos of her BUMP, and play catch up on old times.  No matter how many times I shoot maternity photos or what location I’m in doing it, I’m always so inspired and swarmed with wonderful memories of, my own pregnancies.   The happiness, excitement, anxiousness, and amazing feeling knowing that there is a little life growing within my bump.  I hope that one day when her and her husband look back at the photos they too will share the fond memories I have of pregnancy.  We did this shoot in Honolulu Hawaii on Old Pali Road, the vegetation there is very jungle like and has some amazing spots for creative photos.  It also happens to be a great spot for hiking for those of you explorers out there.

Cassandra Dieterle Photography_Cami_IMG_7161e

Cassandra Dieterle Photography_Cami_IMG_7166e

Cassandra Dieterle Photography_Cami_IMG_7208e

Cassandra Dieterle Photography_Cami_IMG_7181e

Cassandra Dieterle Photography_Cami_IMG_7231e

Cassandra Dieterle Photography_Cami_IMG_7236e

Leah and Jason- {BUMP, Florida Maternity Photos}

 For Leah and Jason, it was only fit do something not so “boring” or “ordinary” for their maternity session.  Florida natives, and beach lovers they are… we took off to the sandy beaches of Florida for some photos.  A bit worried about the weather, it was raining and seemed kind of gloomy out, but sometimes that is the best for photos!  I swear I thought they were pros, they seemed so calm and relaxed not only with each other but with my presence and life in general.  Once we wrapped up at the beach and got eaten alive by some mysterious bug (still have no idea what it was, but it literally left bites on me for a few weeks!) We then headed over to their pool where we did some nice underwater shots, you know me always ready to get in the water :) these were some of my favorites.


Im not usually fond of the “heart hand” photo, but for some reason I really love this one!

My favorite shot!

I love this one, shows the fun side of pregnancy!

Welcome Baby Bryler :)

  Long overdue….being the 3rd baby he should have came early right?  NOPE- late again!  We thought that Bryler was just not going to come, he like every baby was stubborn and only coming when he was good and ready!  But low and behold he finally gave it up!  Welcome little one, were all glad your here!!  Congrats to the Nguyen Family on their 3rd baby boy-he’s beautiful!  And thank you for allowing me to be there to capture the memories for you!

Baby Face!


Baby Dakota…at 1 week old! So Cute!

I love this photo of the boys with Dakota… they can’t hardly walk by her without kissing her! The younger of the two is so cute, he calls her “baby whirl” because he can’t say girl!

Welcome baby Dakota!!!

Our friend Lala finally had her 3rd beautiful baby. We were all guessing what the gender of baby would be. Since she had 2 boys already we were all hoping for a girl, and as you can see below our hopes became reality! It’s A GIRL!!!!
Welcome baby Dakota Bella!!!

Lala made everyone promise not to yell out the gender, she wanted to “see” for herself! Her face shows her happienss and feeling of “it’s a GIRL”!

I guess boys will be boys! (play fighting in the delivery room)

I love the look on her face even though she can’t see her brothers, she looks as if she knows whats she’s in for!

Oooohh Lala!

It seems like all of my closest girlfirends are about to pop…Lala is one of the 3 friends out here that is due any day so we did a quick round at the beach park this afternoon! We are all very anxious to find out if it’s a boy or girl…
Any guesses?

Grace and Brooklyn

More photos coming soon…