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Category Archives: REAL WEDDINGS

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Real Weddings by Cassandra Dieterle Photography

Stephanie and Jody – { LOVE – Port Saint Joe-Cape San Blas, FL }

Stephanie and Jody’s wedding was literally a handmade wedding from the flowers to the cake and mostly by their family and friends of the family.  Using their traditional southern style using tons of greenery, ferns, and a COTTON cake!  Destination was a private estate, rental on Cape San Blas, in Port Saint Joe, Florida.  It was our first time there, it’s just amazing how different the beaches are from Hawaii to FL!  Even though I’m originally from FL, after living in Hawaii for so long, it’s always exciting for me to go back to FL and see the difference in the beaches.  My favorite part of the wedding, besides being somewhere new and of course prep and bride and groom photos (which always tie for my number one) was their first dance.  They danced right under a balcony SO I could shoot from above and below- it was beautiful.  Stephanie and Jody had a beautiful day and are blessed to have such wonderful friends and family!  Congrats!ilovecdpStephanie and Jody Wedding041e

ilovecdpStephanie and Jody Wedding060e

ilovecdpStephanie and Jody Wedding079e

ilovecdpStephanie and Jody Wedding100e

ilovecdpStephanie and Jody Wedding091e70

ilovecdpStephanie and Jody Wedding136e

ilovecdpStephanie and Jody Wedding116e70

ilovecdpStephanie and Jody Wedding254e
ilovecdpStephanie and Jody Wedding341e
ilovecdpStephanie and Jody Wedding360e

Weena and Mark -{ LOVE – Grand Hyatt, Kauai}

Weena and Mark were a fun and lively couple!  Weena was all smiles every time I looked at her.  If I had to come up with a phrase for them I’d say…”Happy go Lucky”.  Shooting at the Grand Hyatt, Kauai was beautiful.  The petrified sand dunes formed to create a cliff like structure off the edge of the beach and the rocks jet out perfectly for a nice platform on the beach.  It was a beautiful day!

ilovecdpWeena and Mark kauai Grand Hyatt Wedding008e

ilovecdpWeena and Mark kauai Grand Hyatt Wedding005e

ilovecdpWeena and Mark kauai Grand Hyatt Wedding006e

ilovecdpWeena and Mark kauai Grand Hyatt Wedding001e

ilovecdpWeena and Mark kauai Grand Hyatt Wedding002e
ilovecdpWeena and Mark kauai Grand Hyatt Wedding004e

ilovecdpWeena and Mark kauai Grand Hyatt Wedding013e
ilovecdpWeena and Mark kauai Grand Hyatt Wedding016e
ilovecdpWeena and Mark kauai Grand Hyatt Wedding019e
ilovecdpWeena and Mark kauai Grand Hyatt Wedding015e
ilovecdpWeena and Mark kauai Grand Hyatt Wedding023e
ilovecdpWeena and Mark kauai Grand Hyatt Wedding022e
ilovecdpWeena and Mark kauai Grand Hyatt Wedding021e

ilovecdpWeena and Mark kauai Grand Hyatt Wedding030e
ilovecdpWeena and Mark kauai Grand Hyatt Wedding031e
ilovecdpWeena and Mark kauai Grand Hyatt Wedding032e
ilovecdpWeena and Mark kauai Grand Hyatt Wedding033e
ilovecdpWeena and Mark kauai Grand Hyatt Wedding035e

ilovecdpWeena and Mark kauai Grand Hyatt Wedding038e

ilovecdpWeena and Mark kauai Grand Hyatt Wedding039e

ilovecdpWeena and Mark kauai Grand Hyatt Wedding041e
ilovecdpWeena and Mark kauai Grand Hyatt Wedding044e
ilovecdpWeena and Mark kauai Grand Hyatt Wedding047e
ilovecdpWeena and Mark kauai Grand Hyatt Wedding052e
ilovecdpWeena and Mark kauai Grand Hyatt Wedding053e
ilovecdpWeena and Mark kauai Grand Hyatt Wedding051e
ilovecdpWeena and Mark kauai Grand Hyatt Wedding054e
ilovecdpWeena and Mark kauai Grand Hyatt Wedding048e

Kat and Josh – {LOVE- Panama City, FL}

Kat and Josh meet through cheerleading at Hawaii Pacific University, however I knew both of them independently BEFORE they knew each other!  I met Josh at UK back in 1999 and Kat through a friend in 2006.  To my surprise I saw Josh in Hawaii at a cheerleading event we brought our daughter to watch, the next thing I knew Kat and Josh were “Kat and Josh.”  So when Kat broke the news Dave and I were thrilled and so excited for them.  Then they said they were getting married in FL, and moving too! (bummers I thought)  But she followed up with “will you be our photographers, and can Brooke and Grace be our flower girls?”  I thought the girls were going to bounce through the roof when they found out! 
Fast forward a year – Destination Panama City Florida!  We had a blast with Kat and Josh for their wedding.  Besides being open to pretty much anything we requested for photos :) and dodging rain all day, Kat and Josh put so much detail into the event that no matter where we looked there was always something to photograph, not to mention the 8 little princesses floating around all day and a great family and wedding party! 

ilovecdpIMG_3663e.jpgKat_Josh Panama City WeddingBridesmaids Gift Bags with their initials on them
ilovecdpIMG_3715e.jpgKat_Josh Panama City WeddingI love the black and white damask print with accents of blue and green!ilovecdpIMG_3910e.jpgKat_Josh Panama City Wedding

ilovecdpIMG_3862se.jpgKat_Josh Panama City Wedding3 of the flower girls peaking out! 
ilovecdpIMG_3882e.jpgKat_Josh Panama City Wedding
ilovecdpIMG_3948e.jpgKat_Josh Panama City Wedding
ilovecdpIMG_4056e.jpgKat_Josh Panama City Wedding

ilovecdpRO0F2183e.jpgKat_Josh Panama City Wedding
ilovecdpIMG_3791e.jpgKat_Josh Panama City Wedding
ilovecdpIMG_3817e.jpgKat_Josh Panama City Wedding
ilovecdpIMG_4077e.jpgKat_Josh Panama City Weddingsand for the sand ceremony
ilovecdpIMG_4093e.jpgKat_Josh Panama City Wedding
ilovecdpIMG_4172e.jpgKat_Josh Panama City Wedding
ilovecdpIMG_4198e.jpgKat_Josh Panama City Wedding
ilovecdpIMG_4301e.jpgKat_Josh Panama City Wedding
ilovecdpIMG_4472e.jpgKat_Josh Panama City WeddingYes, this is a real shot- not super imposed :) Like He-Man and She-Ra
ilovecdpIMG_4451e.jpgKat_Josh Panama City Wedding
ilovecdpIMG_4420e.jpgKat_Josh Panama City Wedding
ilovecdpIMG_4544e.jpgKat_Josh Panama City Wedding

ilovecdpIMG_4978e.jpgKat_Josh Panama City WeddingI LOVE this one.
ilovecdpIMG_3701.jpgKat_Josh Panama City WeddingHappy 4th!
ilovecdpIMG_5003e.jpgKat_Josh Panama City Wedding

A Sparkling finish!

Jessica and Jason – {LOVE – Princeville, Kauai}

Jessica and Jason were married at one of my all time favorite spots.  Ahhh, the Saint Regis, what a beautiful location.  Can it get any better than Princeville Kauai for an intimate wedding location?    The two trees where the ceremony was held seem to unite to create one giant canopy that blocks the sun enough for guests comfort and allows a sparkling reflection from the ocean to illuminate the bride and groom!  I just love it.

Among other things like the flowers by Martin Roberts and her gorgeous dress accented by a cluster of grey and charcoal flowers, I loved the reception decor of orchids and the vibrant color selection and the lounge areas made it feel so cozy and chic.



















Sonya and Shinya -{LOVE, Honolulu, Hawaii}

Sonya and Shinya came from Japan to have a private wedding (just the two of them) in Hawaii.  They stood beach side reciting their vows and we followed their private ceremony with a fun beach side photo session.  The beautiful bouquet was done by SU-V Expressions.

Angela & Cuong- {LOVE – Loulu Palms, Oahu}

Anglea and Cuong’s wedding day was SOOOO windy, I think the windiest day I had experienced as a wedding photographer. Loulu Palms  is always susceptible to windy conditions, however on this particular day the whole island had high wind advisory.  

Cassandra Dieterle Photography_AngelaCuong_IMG_8649
Cassandra Dieterle Photography_AngelaCuong_IMG_8332e

Cassandra Dieterle Photography_AngelaCuong_IMG_8640e
Cassandra Dieterle Photography_AngelaCuong_IMG_8732e
Cassandra Dieterle Photography_AngelaCuong_IMG_8701e
Cassandra Dieterle Photography_AngelaCuong_IMG_8798e
Cassandra Dieterle Photography_AngelaCuong_IMG_8672e

Ana and Kelaula- {LOVE-Real Wedding Honolulu, Hawaii}

Some of my favorite shots of Ana and Kelaula’s wedding held at the Hale Koa Hotel in Honolulu Hawaii. Flowers were done by designer Debbie Hemmingway who never fails to impress us with her beautiful designs.AnaKelaulaWED047Cassandra Dieterle_e

AnaKelaulaWED221Cassandra Dieterle_e

AnaKelaulaWED255Cassandra Dieterle_e

AnaKelaulaWED333Cassandra Dieterle_e

AnaKelaulaWED365Cassandra Dieterle

Jessica and Coleman – {LOVE, Atlanta GA}

Jessica and Coleman’s wedding day, a few of my favorite photos from the day to share.  The wedding was held at the famous Biltmore Hotel in Atlanta Georgia which originally was built in 1924 and closed in 1982.  I remember not too long ago when a close friend of mine from Georgia Tech would pride himself on owning one of the letters from the original sign (before it was restored in 1999- wow that really ages me) I wonder what he ever did with it?- ok so anyway, the place was one that I had always wanted to go inside and see (but since we moved to Hawaii before it was restored I never got to see it – until their wedding).  The rooms, the Georgian and the Imperial are beautiful, perfect for a reception! 

Annie and Erik- {LOVE}

Annie and Erik, had a combination of a Traditional Chinese Tea Ceremony, an American Ceremony as well as what seems to be a new tradition among our Chinese Brides “Gate Crashing” ceremony which is quite amusing to the ones not being crashed upon.  I have to elaborate on this Gate Crashing thing a little more as for those of you who have never witnessed it may be a bit confused by the photos.  The ceremony begins with the groom and groomsmen arriving at the brides home or where she is staying but before they are allowed to see her they are made to do some very interesting tasks including eating weird concoctions, dancing in silly outfits, acting out different skits, singing, and I’ve even seen what I call “a torture spin around your finger with your head on the ground thing”  (yes it is very hard to imagine and I would hate to actually try it!), and of course the whole thing ends with the traditional giving of the ang pao (red packet with money, a customary gift).
Once the gate was crashed so to speak Annie and Erik had their American ceremony and intimate reception at the Ami house in Hawaii Kai. 

I love her little red shoes

This was only a small fraction of what they had to do!

The Ang Pao Exchange

I love this photo of her right before she walks down the aisle

two birds flying in the sky right when he said “you may kiss the bride!”

She’s so cute here with her bashful expression.

What a little ham :) I love it!

 A good night kiss as they depart for the evening.

Brynn and Nick – {LOVE, Honolulu Hawaii Wedding}

Brynn and Nick’s initial consultation was a bit unusual for me. You see instead of meeting with the couple, I met with the brides father to discuss bride and grooms requests for photography. I thought this would be very awkward, but we had such a great conversation over great pineapple tea at the wedding cafe and after an hour or so of chatting he agreed with Brynns and Nick’s thoughts that we would be a perfect match not only for style of photography, but for personality.
Brynn and Nick were a very simple and low key couple on their big day,  good photography was important to them, however they didn’t want to spend their entire day taking pictures away from their guests who were traveling so far to be with them.  They wanted my focus of photos on the overall event, the details, their guests, and highlights of them throughout the evening. I guess they knew what a fun crew they would have there!  One of the younger guests went around to each table and had them act out a skit (that he made up on the spot), suprisingly everyone went along with it!  It was an absolute hoot!  I laughed so hard my stomach hurt!!!  Wish I could share all of them, but I had to narrow down to a select few.